Y Combinator is world renowned seed fund based in Silicon Valley that invests in early stage companies with world changing ideas. They have just finished their most recent demo day and these are the most promising startups

Luna: Connecting your bed to the Internet of Things. It’s a mattress cover that measures your sleep patterns and then sends the data to both the Luna app and to other Internet-connected devices at home.

Call9: A privatised emergency telemedicine line targeted at nursing homes, or what they call “911 for Enterprise.”

Transcend Lighting: Invented a patent-pending photosynthetic LED light that’s 35% to 50% more efficient than competitors. 

Hickory: A customer service training mobile app that replaces the lengthy, outdated manuals that it says companies often use. 

Captain401: A tool for smaller companies to give their employees access to 401k plans.

OnboardIQ: A service that moves applicants for on-demand jobs through the hiring process automatically. 

GrowSumo: A platform that helps companies boost sales. It’s building reseller networks, connecting resellers with companies to sell their products.

Zeplin: Helps designers give all assets to engineers automatically, displaying fonts, colour codes, and more for engineers to work with.

Cofactor Genomics: A genetics testing startup that uses RNA to diagnose diseases. 

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